A Snowy Sunday

I was hanging out with a childhood friend, Lalan, in Lewisburg, WV this past weekend. We had a great time catching up and getting into some adventure as we seem to every time we hangout! (Even got a free shirt from @lewisburg airport)

We took my 1996 Jeep Cherokee ‘The Adventure Jeep‘ up Kate’s Mountain in Greenbrier County, WV. It was a cold day, but the views from atop the mountain never cease to amaze me. It is cool to have that new vantage point that changes your perspective. I feel a difference in my overall attitude and outlook on life when I am at the highest point around. Makes you feel accomplished and strong, gives you a sense of serenity and power…mountains are my favorite!

Kate’s Mountain Overlook. Camera: iPhone 8+

After driving over the mountain road, we went back and caught some funny comedies, then went to bed. When I woke up in the morning I looked outside to see several inches of snow. At that moment, I knew I had to make moves to get back home, currently: Christiansburg, VA.

Adios, cinnamon toast…and I was off. I left Lewisburg in the late morning after some scrumptious biscuits from @Tudors (I recommend The Miner). As I drove closer to the Virginia border, the snow was pouring down, causing the roads to be lightly travelled and hard to pass. The scenery was stunning, a whiteout that blanketed the mountains and shrunk the world to an erie eyeshot. Such a cute scene arose as I topped the hill onto a plateau. A mother and calf were walking in line, the mother taking the brunt of the force from the sideways shooting snow. Reminded me of a mother’s love, they will do anything to make their babies’ lives better!

A mother and baby. Camera: iPhone 8+

I was so proud of my Jeep as it ran through the mountains like a champ. I did not get stuck once, and was able to safely arrive home. As the snow continued into the evening and overnight I relaxed and watched movies with my roommate. What a great day!

The Adventure Jeep. Camera: iPhone 8+

Remember to always smile, there will be a reason no matter how small!

Details: I am super excited to start this journey on my blogging venture. I love sharing stories and experiences. It means a whole lot more to me if I am able to share life’s moments with those I love, and when I have to travel alone I really miss that feeling. Enter blogging: creating a journey for those who are interested in tagging along.

You will see who I am and the products I love through my stories, experiences, and a sense of journaling my life and documenting it online to have forever.

Hope you enjoyed, please leave feedback and always feel free to ask questions!

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