Wild & Co.

I am a huge fan of keeping our wild lands clean and untouched as we have enjoyed them for years. As one-time waste and park traffic increase, it is common to see elevated levels of trash as a result. I was so excited when I stumbled upon an awesome Instagram page, read about the mission and outlook of adventure from Wild & Co..

To keep our outdoors clean, spread the stoke, and have the wild lands around for generations to come…Wild & Co. has it all right! The following is mined from their website, highlighting key points and videos that they have created to better the great outdoors that we love so much!

#Wildandco is a lifestyle & apparel brand celebrating the outdoor culture, and mountain life. We are dedicated to promoting outdoor exploration and to inspiring others to discover nature’s beauty. 

Here at wild + co we are passionate about protecting our national parks, forests, and wild lands. Proceeds from our sales will directly benefit our trail clean-up efforts.

The wild + co movement is exploding and you can be a part of it by using our hashtag, sharing your photos with us on social media and and collaborating on new ideas! We love featuring content from our fans and you may even see some free swag come your way. 

Mind the Wild Campaign 

“Share your good fortune with others. Participate in charity. 
We may differ in our faith, religion, and culture, yet we all live together on the same boat. We are only custodians and not owners of The Earth, not its conquerors nor its destroyers.” -Native American Code of Ethics

Most Importantly…the Trail Cleanups!

Wild + co is committed to making a positive impact on the trails and mountains that we love. We are partnering with Parks & Forest Departments across the state (Colorado) to find the most endangered areas that are in desperate need of volunteers to help clean up trails and high populated areas. Our goal is to raise awareness, make a difference, and to empower everyone to have a way to give back.

Wild + co takes proceeds from all apparel sales to fund trail-cleanup events. These funds help us organize and provide resources needed to make these events great. So come join us, meet some new friends, have some fun and make a positive impact on your environment.

Check their event calendar to see if you can make the next cleanup!

USE CODE : gtcarden (20% off your purchase) 

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I would love to shout out likeminded companies who focus on making the outdoors a better place for all. Conservation is key, make sure we work together to make our community and places we travel better than we left it.

As always, leave thoughts below!  #Wildandco

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