A Day in Joshua Tree

Map: Joshua Tree National Park

The Dry Desert Air and Humorous Company

The sun shines across the valley and gleams off the casino windows, South Point, next door. We wake up full of wonder and ready to hit the road through the desert and into California to visit Joshua Tree National Park for the day!

The route we chose took us through some breathtaking country, including the famous Route 66 and the Mojave National Preserve. Along the way we were able to capture some cool shots, always interesting subject matter when out in the middle of nowhere! 

The trip seemed to fly by as the ever changing scenery and blue skies kept our spirits lifted. We go about 20 miles without hitting a bend in the road, and there we are…the sign for Joshua Tree National Park.

As soon as we got there, it was like three kids in a candy store! We ran up and down the rocks and explored the grounds. It was terrain that we had not seen before, it really caught our attention. Little lizards were scaling the rock walls as we did, just much faster. John, as pictured above in the hole of a large rock formation, had trouble getting down: it was quite high in the air. We finished up taking some pictures and playing on the rock fortress and proceeded on down the road. 

Next, we stopped at the area deemed ‘Hidden Valley‘. It was a nice hiking area with a trail that literally took you to a small valley that was unseen from the roadway. It was quick, maybe a mile or so, and then we hopped back in the car to head towards Keys View. It seemed like you were on the edge of the world from the 5185 ft. vantage point on the backside of the San Bernardino Mountains. That elevation is not that impressive as far as the numbers go, but when nearly all of that is prominence, it is incredible!

Looking out on the desert from Keys View

Have you ever been to Joshua Tree National Park? If so, let me know your favorite places to explore within the park, and local restaurants you would recommend!

I hope you all enjoy the content I am putting out here. I enjoy sharing my stories and experiences. Let me know if there is anything in particular that you would like to see. Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “A Day in Joshua Tree

    1. It is prettt cool to think about! Also, when you see these extremely high elevation peaks that people conquer, it is amazing, but sometimes the lower elevation mountains with a larger prominence appear to be more of an accomplishment!

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