Bearizona: Williams, AZ


Funny the Feature Photo is a Wolf!

Driving along the highway en route to the Grand Canyon, we came across a billboard saying, ‘Bearizona’. Naturally, we pulled off the exit and went into the nature preserve full of animals and beautiful wilderness. It was honestly a knee jerk decision!

From the website, ‘Bearizona is approximately 160 acres. Visitors will drive through more than three miles of Ponderosa Pine Forest viewing North American animals in natural habitats when they visit. More animals are exhibited in Fort Bearizona, a beautiful 20 acre walk-thru area, along winding paths which is more of a “zoo” type setting.’

Camera: Iphone 7+ – Artic Wolf

It was so funny when one of us, not sure who, but they played the theme song to Jurassic Park. We toured around zooming the camera in on various animals acting like children again looking upon ‘Dinosaurs’. What a blast, definitely worth the money to get through the gate. I would highly recommend this for a family with younger children, for us it was a blast, but better suited for the younger kids!

Our crew of three explored throughout the park and enjoyed all of the little touristy type attractions they had as well. They had food, lodging and plenty to do for a weekend worth of fun. For more on this, I will pull from their website!


‘Conveniently located in the heart of Northern Arizona, and nestled amongst the beautiful Kaibab National Forest, Williams is considered the gateway to the Grand Canyon. Williams’ central location allows visitors to stay and experience Northern Arizona’s beautiful sights and activities. Bearizona is one hour south of the Grand Canyon’s South Rim, 30 minutes west of Flagstaff, and three hours southeast of Las Vegas, NV.’


‘Depending on the time of year, visitors to Bearizona will witness an array of weather. Williams is fortunate to experience all four seasons. The temperature in the summer averages 80 degrees, while in the winter time Williams receives an average of 55 inches of snowfall. The varying seasons allow visitors unique opportunities to witness animal behavior as it changes throughout the year. Bearizona is open year-round and it is important to note that the animals at Bearizona are out and enjoy all types of weather!’


‘The park can accommodate most modes of transportation, including cars, RV’s even motorcyclists. For the motorcyclists, Bearizona provides courtesy cars free of charge. Bearizona welcomes tour buses and as a special service to our tour bus guests, offers a step-on tour guide for no additional fee! Guests who are a little more adventuresome and want to feel the brisk high country air and un-obstructed views of our wildlife can take a ride on our Wild Ride Bus Tour which departs from the Fort Bearizona parking lot at several times throughout the day.’

‘Bearizona is a member of the Zoological Association of America as well as the American Association of Zoo Keepers.’

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Have you ever been to Bearizona? If so let me know below in the comments!

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