Meet the Explorer: (Coming Soon)

An Inside Look Into the Lives of Explorers from Around the World

I have become increasingly interested over the years for pushing my personal boundaries regarding outdoor activities. I want to drive myself to get involved in many more outdoor disciplines and learn the tricks and tips from the average Joes and professionals alike. I want to explore and live that adventurers’ lifestyle as if a Lewis and Clark expedition could happen again, and in some corners of the world I believe it may be possible!

Camera: NIKON D810

This topic of my blog will be dedicated to explorers from all walks of life and parts of this amazing world. Each will have a different occupation and way of seeing the Earth and wild lands. We will be able to interview everyone from your local mailman that loves to hike the peaks of his hometown to world renowned photographers. I will be asking a series of questions revolving around the outdoors, favorite locations, best gear, and a short biography for each person.

I hope you will enjoy this as much as I do. I thoroughly enjoy getting to know people and listening to their perspective of the outdoors. We all use the outdoors in different ways, but we need to remember to keep it clean. As always, pack out what you pack in!

I am looking forward to interviewing these awesome individuals, and if you ever have anyone that you think I should reach out to for an interview, please send me an email.

I should have the first interview up in the next week or so! Stay tuned and comment below!

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