Just. Keep. Going.

Charity to Help People Experience the Outdoors

I took JKG Outdoors as a non-profit organization a couple years ago to help spread my love of the outdoors to future generations. With all of the bad in this world, it is nice to show these kids and adults alike, what the outdoors can do to them. It can heal, revitalize their spirit, and help their mind grow. It gives people a healthy and fun form of exercise as they explore, and an outlet that will never let them down.

At Just Keep Going Outdoors our goal is to better our planet & the people in it. We focus on sustainability to make sure generations to come will be able to experience what we are so blessed to enjoy now. Developing systems to make the outdoors more accessible to all, no matter what obstacle they may face. Overall, creating a community of likeminded nature lovers is the principle to everything we do.

If you would like to collaborate for a project that follows our mission, we would love to work with you. We are always willing to hear your story and help in any way we can! Check out our website below:


We love to really focus our time on kids, they are the most impressionable and in a lot of cases need a helping hand as they grow up through all of the awkward phases as we have all experienced. Hearing these stories in the news, seeing the faces of all these kids in broken homes, abusive situations, barely enough food to get by…pulls on anyones heart strings! I am looking forward to seeing explorers from all around and all walks of life coming together and raising up a generation of explorers and conservationists.

I have sat idle on Just. Keep. Going. Outdoors for awhile now, but I am ready to re-launch and hit it hard. I want to grow a network of mentors and mentees that will be able to grow in nature and give back in a whole new way. It is amazing to be able to just walk outside and hike, free of charge, and accessible to anyone. Both parties whether younger or older will gain great life lessons and get to experience the wilderness.

The following passage I wrote a few years ago when we (my college buddies and I) were all going through hard times. It was a good expression of the times we were going through, and that we were facing as a whole and as a country. It still rings true today. I hope you enjoy these words and it helps get you through your hard times or any challenges you may face!

Just. Keep. Going.

When life takes you along a path of unexpected events, Just Keep Going. When your world is suddenly shaken and all hope seems to be lost, Just Keep Going. When the lost and homeless cannot find a way, take their hand and Just Keep Going. When our world is corrupt and full of evil, focus on God and Just Keep Going. When you are faced with an enormous feat to overcome, Just Keep Going. When you are taken from your comfort zone and new challenges await, Just Keep Going. When every tear you have has been cried out, Just Keep Going. When distrust arises and throws you for a loop, Just Keep Going. When times are tough and the last dollar has been spent, Just Keep Going. When tough choices lie ahead, seek guidance and Just Keep Going. When you see that mountain in the distance, Just Keep Going.

Zion National Park backcountry

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Please comment below if you want to get involved and help in your communities. We will start a movement to have great role models and explorers taking the younger explorers under their wing and letting them get a taste of the wild and fall in love with it as we have. Cannot wait to see where this takes us!

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