Sustainability Spotlight: Five + Pines

Mom powered eco-friendly cloth company

After knowing the owner, Terry of Five + Pines for over a year now, I have seen such a success story and drive that is extremely rare. She is a mother of five children, hence the name Five + Pines. She is an incredible entrepreneur and makes sure to raise her kids in a way to respect the wild lands and learn to love them. They are from Okanagan in British Colombia, Canada. From our phone calls and correspondence, it seems as if it is one of the most scenic places on Earth, check it out!

Eco cloths that are Multifunctional so they can be used in your home, camping or for traveling! They even take makeup off with water! No chemicals!! My friend, Gerard, from NYC says the following about her products, which he bought as gifts for his family: ‘Awesome products made by an even more awesome person!’. I could not agree more! I myself have several of her cloths floating around my place, they seem to last forever. From a conversation I had with Terry several months back, she said she has some customers that have used them for years now, not needing to be replaced. Truly an amazing product, and happy to see care for our Earth factored into every decision Five + Pines takes.

These cloths are currently produced in her home workplace, so cool to see a ‘Garage company’ start to take off. She uses a state of the art laser-etching machine to have the functionality to bring her customers customized cloths. She takes conservation into her own hands by using all recycleable materials for her packaging, and obviously her cloths are natural, so everything will return to the Earth net-zero. Think about it; your company logo, your name written in your hand writing, your puppy’s face…the possibilities are endless.

Due to confidentiality of her source for materials, I am unable to spread any more information about it. I do know that is is small batch, natural, sustainably sourced materials of the highest quality currently on the market, lovely stuff!

Contact Terry at Five + Pines here:

I would recommend you send an email or contact her via the Five + Pines Facebook page to get awesome custom orders or the company branding cloths. She is a blast to talk to and will make sure to help you with whatever you may need!

I hope to add more content to this post as her website and such develop further. I completely back Five + Pine’s initiative and I enjoy seeing the passion and quality behind every cloth that is made!

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