Travel the USA: 10 Great Destinations

Possibilities are Endless

In this quick post, I would like to outline a list of ten notable locations to visit if you love the wild lands and views that the USA has to offer. If you have never visited the United States, I highly recommend it as you can see every climate and vastly different landscapes. This will be from my viewpoint and appear in no certain order of preference, but I would love to hear where your favorite spots are nationwide!

1. Yosemite National Park

This park never ceases to amaze me. It is so awesome to have huge granite walls on both sides of the valley surrounding you and showing their power. It is such a peaceful and surreal park.

Website: Yosemite National Park

2. Zion National Park

The red roads, diversity of rock structures, ancient carvings and great trails make this park truly unique. You can almost see every landscape imaginable while trekking through the Trans-Zion trail as a few friends and I did in 2015.

Website: Zion National Park

3. Grand Canyon National Park

The grandeur of this park is unlike the others. When you look over the canyon wall, you see a nearly endless expanse of carved rock that has been worn down by wind and water over the centuries.

Website: Grand Canyon National Park

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4. Arches National Park

The delicate arches that flow all over the park seem to be pieces of art left by the dwellers years ago. Arches is also close to Moab/Canyonlands/Bryce Canyon!

Website: Arches National Park

5. New River Gorge National Recreation Area

In my home state of West Virginia, the park boasts great views, trails, and the tallest bridge of this type in the East. Many great coal mining exhibits and remnants from our past. One day, I could see this transitioning into a national park due to its beauty, easy access, and world class what water.

Website: New River Gorge

6. Sequoia National Park

Trees larger than life! It is crazy that you can drive through some of these trees. The size is something I was very surprised by and shows the insignificance of our human body size in comparison.

Website: Sequoia National Park

7. Denver Area

With Boulder, Golden, and a great downtown, Denver is an amazing area to explore. The flatirons in the North make for an easy hike and are extremely accessible from the downtown area. Breweries and great views surround the entire region.

8. Rocky Mountain National Park

Mountain goats, wildflowers, Longs peak…this place offers nature lovers of all types and skillsets a great time. The high alpine lakes and tall peaks are awesome!

Website: Rocky Mountain National Park

9. Great Smokey Mountains National Park

Black Bears and beautiful waterfalls/cascades. With wonderful winding roads, this parks great for families and explorers from all different skillsets.

Website: Great Smokey Mountains

10. Glacier National Park

I visited this area during the late winter season so unfortunately we had limited access to the park as a whole. The photos and lands we saw, including serene lakes really took our breath away.

Website: Glacier National Park

I hope this inspires you to hit the road or air and get out there. It is so important to explore, breathe the fresh air and make memories with friends, family, and complete strangers if that is how you roll!

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What is your favorite place to explore in the United States?

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