Meet the Explorer: Hunter Lawrence

I have followed his dog Aspen for much longer than I have Hunter, but let me tell you, the content is of the highest quality. I enjoy reading the posts, seeing the pictures, and following along with their story called life. When you find genuine people that love life, exploration and our Earth, it evokes happiness to all that encounter. The floor is yours, Hunter!

Short Biography

My name is Hunter Lawrence, I’m a photographer based in Colorado. I’m married to my best friend Sarah and we have a pretty adorable golden retriever named Aspen that we take with us everywhere! My wife and I have a huge passion for exploring other cultures and embracing them for what they are. We love getting to know a place by its people and have made that our life journey for the past 6 years while we grow our business together.

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As if moving from the city out to the mountains this week wasn’t a big enough change for our family, I’m so grateful to share with you that I’ll be transitioning into a new role with @parkerclayintl as their Marketing Director. I’ll never forget the moment I realized photography and visual storytelling had the power to impact lives. I returned from a trip to Central America, switched my major in college and dedicated all my time to learning how to craft visual narratives that directly impacted communities all around the world. Since then, Sarah and I have built a business creating visual content and leveraging marketing strategy for some of the biggest brands on the globe; and while I love what we do, truly I am so thankful, there has been this consistent desire to partner with brands that have direct impact to individuals, communities and businesses around the world that I simply can’t ignore. It’s not a millennial thing, it’s not even a trend, it’s how I’m hard wired and gifted and I’m simply going to live into that with all that I’ve got. Our lives are about to change. Parker Clay is HQ’d in Santa Barbara and has a direct impact in Ethiopia through creating luxury lifestyle goods by combining beautiful design with premium leather and hand-woven textiles…all made in Ethiopia. We’re going to take on this new role for the time being from Colorado but I’ll be commuting to California and Ethiopia on the regular now. Our family is thrilled, I don’t even know what else to tell you other than I’m locking arms with an incredible team. A true answer to prayer for our family. We Go Together.

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What do you do for a living, how did you end up in that field?

My wife and I own a photography company called The Lawrence House. We launched it back in 2015, but before that I was full-time freelance for a few years. We lived in Iceland for the winter of 2015, and it was during that time that we realized that we shared a passion for providing brands with quality and engaging imagery across a wide variety of industries as well as travel guides for people to enjoy the places we are drawn too.

When did you first start enjoying the outdoors?

Man, I feel like ever since I could remember, I always preferred to be outside rather inside. I grew up in a small town in Texas, so spending time outside was just part of my life. When I got married and moved to Colorado the adventures just continued.

What is your favorite place to explore?

I feel like every time we set foot in Europe there is this overwhelming sense of excitement that wells up in me. Something about arriving at the break of dawn, seriously jet lagged but ready to embrace all that is to come is such a thrill.

How many of the 50 United States have you visited? Favorite?

So far we’ve been to 28/50. Sarah and I love Colorado, we live here, but man it’s just such a special spot. 4 amazing seasons, incredible nature, a thriving metro. We actually just purchased our first home up in the foothills outside of Denver and we are so excited for that transition. Beyond that, Maine was truly something else. The slow pace of life there and the nautical environment is really something. California is a place that we constantly feel called back too. Something about the ever changing landscape, food and culture just draws us back.

How many countries, where?

25: Austria, England, Faroe Islands, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Vatican, Canada, Costa Rica, Granada, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Australia, Ethiopia, Morocco, Uganda.

Best hike you have ever had?

There is a trail in Colorado called the East Inlet that if you know the route takes you over the Continental Divide of RMNP and ends with a small glacade down a glacier. The hike is a multi- day 35 miles hike.

Essential items for summer hikes/winter hikes in your opinion.

Layers, always bring layers. Headlight, knife, snack bars, water filter.

Most comical hike/adventure story?

Sarah, Aspen and I were camping in Telluride, Colorado and while we were packing our tent up a huge gust of wind took our tent and all of our belongings into a half frozen lake. I had to wade into the lake and fish our things out 🙂

Scariest hike/adventure story?

I was on the multi day hike that I mentioned above with my brother and we got caught on a wild game trail and eventually led us into bear territory. We came across some fresh bear scat and tracks and had to navigate our way through thick pines and briars to a safe spot to gain our bearings. I’ve never been so frightened in the wilderness before. Needless to say, we didn’t sleep well that night.

Upcoming trips planned?

We are heading to Jackson Hole this July for the first time. Beyond that we have some international travel plans in the works to Central America.

Favorite outdoors gear/lifestyle companies? Any local?

Danner Boots, Hyperlite Mountain Gear, Z Pack Sleeping Bags & 66 North.

What does conservation mean to you?

Conservation just means respect to me. It’s pretty obvious what we should and shouldn’t do in nature, and when we think we can test that boundary without consequences to the local wildlife or community is when things get out of hand.

What can we do to make sure our parks and wild lands stay clean and pure forever?

Leave no trace.

More about The Lawrence House

The Lawrence House is a result of the combined efforts of our family to tell beautiful stories in both domestic and international locations through photography, film, writing, and experience curation. We are a photography studio made up of Hunter and Sarah Lawrence along with our Golden Retriever Aspen.

Our passion is simple, to create beautiful content that is unique to your brand. 

We are dedicated to uncovering the story behind your brand or product. We love finding the context and environment that will tell a greater tale of excellence and intentional design. We value high quality and love to share what we are using while on the move, so that our audience can invest in businesses who are doing things right.


Thank you so much for the opportunity to interview you and share your passion for the outdoors, people, and your genuine spirit. I hope to stay in touch and next time I am in Colorado we will have to go on an adventure. All the best, Garret!

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