Human Net Worth

There is more in this world than money.

Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.

Henry David Thoreau

I think a lot of times people worry too much about what others think of them, ask themselves will this new item impress others, or should I buy these new shoes to look ‘cool’…this is quite backwards. You, as a unique human being with your own ideas and styles is what makes the world so interesting. So many individuals try to climb the ladder seeking monetary success and power, while this is great and I commend them, I think a deeper sense of accomplishment and definition of worth is out there to ponder.

The Human Connection

There is no price you can assign to a human being, we are all worth more than what money can buy. Creating friendships and relationships that will span the years and create memories that you cannot simply go out and buy, exist at the Genesis of true worth…the Human Net Worth.

Many of times, the examples children set should be followed by the so called grown ups. Their free spirits and love for all they encounter make the relationship building so pure, something we should all strive for. I really appreciate the way they share, enjoy those around them, and put their focus on people, not material objects. This mindset takes you to a simple time, and shows the importance of human connection and the joy it can bring. When was the last time you were caught outside when it rained and just enjoyed the water falling from the sky instead of running indoors to seek shelter, these types of questions make my mind lust for adventure and the wild lands that surround all of us.

How many times do you go about your daily life and tell stories about the time you did this or that with a group of friends back in the day? Do you find yourself reminiscing on the days where you felt free, less stress, and truly felt like you were living? If so, I challenge you to find others that want to get out and experience the great outdoors whether that is taking walks in your city, or hiking the John Muir Trail and create these lasting memories together!

When it is my time to leave the Earth, hopefully years and years down the road, I want to be remembered as a friend to many, and have connected with thousands and even hopefully millions of people that I could share life with. This would be my truest definition of becoming a millionaire.

Humans and Business

One thing my current boss always says and uses on a normal cadence is #makememories. This has always inspired me to make memories in the workplace, communicate with the team, and try to build bonds and friendships with those I work with in order to truly make an impact and help foster an environment of growth and positivity. Now naturally, there are always hard times and bumps along the way, but if we all try to create this deeper human connection and care about the people we interact with it will make your organization and theirs better for it.

Humans and the Outdoors

In my opinion, there are a minuscule number of places or things that can truly inspire and build up your memory bank like our wild lands can. This is magnified when you bring friends, family, or complete strangers along for the ride. Sharing these memories and telling these stories around the campfire for years is such a surreal feeling.

First Time for Everything

Few things get me as excited as seeing someone experience something for the first time. I remember a trip quite vividly when I took a group of friends to the Grand Canyon and it was their first time seeing the grandeur. Watching as their eyes scanned the horizon and looked all around with a sense of wonder. We all had lifted spirits and huge smiles as we experienced the amazing view together and hiked around the canyon rim…and partially in it! These are the moments I live for, and I will always push to make sure they happen, and at a frequency that does not leave me questioning why I waited so long since my last adventure. Get out there, explore, connect and make memories with friends, enemies, and everyone in between.

I am by no means bashing anyone with a large net worth or anyone that is succeeding in the workplace. This is awesome, and I love to see the passion and fire under business people all around the world, just offering another perspective that may hopefully inspire you to connect with those around you and maybe give the outdoors a go.

As always, feel free to comment below. I would love to hear your perspective on the Human Net Worth concept. I hope you enjoyed the read!

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