July 4th – The Louisiana Purchase

Independence Day in 1776, Westward expansion in 1803.

“It is the case of a guardian, investing the money of his ward in purchasing an important adjacent territory; and saying to him when of age, I did this for your own good.”

– Thomas Jefferson

I, as many other Americans do, celebrate Independence Day with fireworks, hotdogs/burgers, and good times. Along with this, I would like to reflect on one of the most important pieces of history in our country’s expansion. I was reminded of this land acquisition at work as my friend and boss Ron was explaining important events that occurred on the fourth of July…I hope you enjoy this quick history lesson!

The Louisiana Purchase was in my mind, one of the greatest events in American history, along with the push and acquisition of other territories and the states of Hawaii and Alaska years later. In 1803, on July fourth, the United States of America bought 530,000,000 acres from France. This land covers an area from Louisiana to Montana extending into a couple provinces in Canada in a Northwesterly slant starting from the Gulf Coast. This allowed the United States to nearly double her land mass of overnight. This huge plot of land came with the price tag of $15,000,000…in current monies this price tag would be the equivalent of $333,327,654, even though, I consider this a great deal!

President Thomas Jefferson wanted this land in order to control more of the mighty Mississippi and gain access to the key port city of New Orleans, LA. This gave more accessible channels to distribute goods West of the Appalachian Mountain Range. This land deal was influential in the expansion and development of the West. It is amazing to me to see the French influence in New Orleans and how the language and traditions still finds itself laced into the peoples currently populating the immediate and surround areas.

The following is a great resource to see a timeline and read more about the Louisiana Purchase.


It is so exciting to see the progression of the United States to the West that we all love to travel and explore. We are so blessed to live in the United States of America, but also if you get the chance and have the means, please go see other countries. Check out the different cultures, ethnicities and diversity. It will serve you well and truly broaden your horizons!

Cover photo by: @timmossholder

Thank you all for checking out this history post, it is kind of different than my typical content, but thought I would share as it pertains to the outdoors. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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