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Let me first introduce to you, Yes Theory. I have been following Yes Theory on Youtube for close to when they started their channel, so a few years now. I am impressed by their free spirits and tag line ‘We believe that life can be as authentic and fulfilling as you wish if you seek discomfort’. They do things that push them out of their comfort zone, hence the ‘Seek Discomfort’ brand they have built. They challenge viewers to be the best version of themselves and to go do things they have always wanted to do, or quit things they never wanted to do. Truly an inspirational bunch!

Below you will find more information on what they do and who they are pulled from their website. I hope you enjoy, and please subscribe to their Youtube channel…already 4 million subscribers!

We believe that life can be as fulfilling and authentic as you wish so long as you’re willing to seek discomfort. 

– Yes Theory

We make videos where we travel the world setting challenges for ourselves and for strangers and getting out of our comfort zones along the way, all in order to grow.


‘In the summer of 2015, four strangers met in Montreal, Canada. Ammar from Egypt, Thomas from France, Matt from the US and Derin from Turkey. Together, we bonded over the idea that life is best lived outside of your comfort zone. So with a total of $500 to our name, we moved into our friend’s 1 bedroom apartment and started making videos attacking some of our biggest fears and seeking discomfort.

Since then we’ve had a show on Snapchat Discover, moved to Los Angeles, and had countless life altering experiences and new incredible friendships along the way.’

Yes Theory Travel

This website will be the top location when you go to plan travel, especially finding the cheapest flights and hotels. Yes Theory Travel

The following comparison is a real route I was looking to buy, by using Yes Theory Travel I was able to save $25 (close to a 15% savings!). I think this type of good deed goes a long way, not only do they travel and spread positivity and friendship, but they have given us this great tool to use to be able to visit more places, even on a fairly strict budget.

Shop around for flights you are interested and please let me know what you find. I want to see who can find the largest savings on a route they may be interested in. Share in the comments below!

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