Valley Falls State Park – West Virginia

Fairmont, West Virginia.

Valley Falls is a gem of a park located conveniently off of I-79 . The park boasts several trails to hike, and a couple separate places to see the falls. One being at the far end of the parking lot, easily accessible, and the other is a short hike into the beautiful hardwood forest.

While still in college at West Virginia University in Morgantown, WV, Valley Falls was just a short drive away. On several different occasions my friends and I would gather up and head for the falls for some hiking and time in nature. It is truly a special spot with plenty to do, and close enough to town to make it extremely accessible for a day trip or even afternoon outing. The following information has been pulled from the park’s website.

About This Park

Once the site of a lumber and grist mill community, Valley Falls State Park is a place of scenic beauty and historical significance. A series of four picturesque falls created by the dark, rushing waters of the Tygart Valley River distinguish this 1,145-acre park. In addition to its scenic charm, Valley Falls State Park offers outdoor recreation and fun. The day-use park gates open at 7 a.m. and close at dark.

Activities at the park:



During the 1830s, a trader acquired what is now Valley Falls State Park and built a lumber mill which was later followed in 1847 by a grist mill. With the completion of the Baltimore & Ohio railroad line, from Grafton to Wheeling, in 1853, the community began to boom, with a ferry, post office, shops, a factory and schools. A fire in 1886, followed by floods two years later, destroyed much of the town. In 1964, the West Virginia state park system acquired the falls and surrounding land and created the Valley Falls State Park.

I hope you are able to get to this park if traveling on I-79, living in the area, or just in town visiting. A trip to valley falls is always worthwhile.

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