Work Trips – Exploring Beyond the Business

Having a position that requires travel can sometimes get you into a spin of the office environment, board rooms, and hotels. A constant reminder that you are not home, not able to have your typical cup of Joe, have your Netflix account programmed into your Smart TV, or even the car you typically drive. Although it can be daunting from time to time, exploration and … Continue reading Work Trips – Exploring Beyond the Business

Microplastics: hidden in plain sight

When I first came across the term ‘microplastics’, I was thinking of small pieces of plastic used in manufacturing and other similar industrial processes. Although these account for a small portion of microplastics found in the environment, a large majority of microplastics actually come from the breakdown of commonly used items like plastic bags, clothing and water bottles. I found that it is a detrimental … Continue reading Microplastics: hidden in plain sight

Meet the Explorer: Jeremy Jensen

Skier | Podcaster | Entrepreneur If I look back in my electronic records (Instagram DMs), I can see that Jeremy and I met just about a year ago, August 2018. I was intrigued by his profile content, a mix of business and adventure. I wanted to see what he was up to and we hopped on a phone call. After the call my eyes opened … Continue reading Meet the Explorer: Jeremy Jensen

Meet the Explorer: Luke Pearsall

Travel | Outdoor | Lifestyle  Ranz Navvaro has been an awesome resource to meet new explorers and friends. He suggested I reach out to Luke a few weeks back and I am so happy I did. The content and travel knowledge Luke possesses is incredible, his photography skills are outstanding, and his thoughts about the outdoors and conservation as a whole are thought provoking. His … Continue reading Meet the Explorer: Luke Pearsall

Sustainability Spotlight: Five + Pines

Mom powered eco-friendly cloth company After knowing the owner, Terry of Five + Pines for over a year now, I have seen such a success story and drive that is extremely rare. She is a mother of five children, hence the name Five + Pines. She is an incredible entrepreneur and makes sure to raise her kids in a way to respect the wild lands … Continue reading Sustainability Spotlight: Five + Pines

Wild and Co. – From the Founder

Company. Culture. Creativity. Conservation. Super excited to spotlight a great social movement and brand. They provide so many positive thoughts and plan to keep our wild lands free of trash and available for generations to come. Their gear and mission really make supporting the company easy, and you know your money is going to a sustainable, smart, caring company. Take it away, Scott! Wild + … Continue reading Wild and Co. – From the Founder