Meaning of Morggenfrisk

I have had many inquiries and questions regarding the choice of the name ‘Morggenfrisk’ for the blog. It is odd for sure, but it think in some weird way it is catchy and fun…with a solid meaning and my stamp of approval, this is why it exists!

From my family’s Danish roots to an interest in living life to the fullest and never letting the world or ideals drag you down, when I stumbled across the term I was intrigued by the definition.

To the best of my knowledge, ‘Morgenfrisk’ as it is correctly spelled, conveys the feeling of being refreshed and awaken after a good sleep. Ideas started flowing like crazy, and living in this newly found state of mind, I knew this was the way I wanted to continue the rest of my life and try to spread the positivity.

No matter the hard times, pain you have felt, words you have heard, and evil you have witnessed, try to start over with a fresh set of eyes and a rested spirit. There is no challenge too big or small to conquer. This can heal so much in life, friendships, job situations, and traffic on your morning commute. Whatever you do, remember to Just Keep Going!

Just. Keep. Going.

When life takes you along a path of unexpected events, Just Keep Going. When your world is suddenly shaken and all hope seems to be lost, Just Keep Going. When the lost and homeless cannot find a way, take their hand and Just Keep Going. When our world is corrupt and full of evil, focus on God and Just Keep Going. When you are faced with an enormous feat to overcome, Just Keep Going. When you are taken from your comfort zone and new challenges await, Just Keep Going. When every tear you have has been cried out, Just Keep Going. When distrust arises and throws you for a loop, Just Keep Going. When times are tough and the last dollar has been spent, Just Keep Going. When tough choices lie ahead, seek guidance and Just Keep Going. When you see that mountain in the distance, Just Keep Going. – Garret Carden, 2015

I hope you are enjoying this blog, if so feel free to follow along!