News Alert: The Great Outdoors Kill Laziness

Sit on the couch all day? Feel groggy in the mornings? Lack focus and imagination? The above are all signs of missing the outdoors and exploring. Nature allows for complete freedom and healing. The pure air and great experiences to be had are awaiting right outside your door. Grab your shoes, pack some snacks and water and hit the trails. Life is better outside. Check … Continue reading News Alert: The Great Outdoors Kill Laziness

Meet the Explorer: Rick Anthony

‘Live the Life You Love.’ I was so excited to hear back from Rick when I asked if he would participate in my ‘Meet the Explorer’ Series. I have followed his Instagram account and have been super impressed with his photography skills and the awesome adventures he goes on. Lets learn more about Mr. Anthony! Instagram: @rantnv @rickanthonyphoto What do you do for a living?  … Continue reading Meet the Explorer: Rick Anthony

Falls Ridge Preserve – Mill Creek Knob

Nature Preserve in SW Virginia Just minutes outside Christiansburg, VA! A last minute trip turned into a great little evening stroll. My roommate Jocelyn, and I went around Four O’Clock in the evening yesterday, giving us less than two hours of sunlight. Within those two hours, we drove out the small country road, hiked around the loop, took some great pictures, flew the drone, and … Continue reading Falls Ridge Preserve – Mill Creek Knob

A Snowy Sunday

I was hanging out with a childhood friend, Lalan, in Lewisburg, WV this past weekend. We had a great time catching up and getting into some adventure as we seem to every time we hangout! (Even got a free shirt from @lewisburg airport) We took my 1996 Jeep Cherokee ‘The Adventure Jeep‘ up Kate’s Mountain in Greenbrier County, WV. It was a cold day, but the … Continue reading A Snowy Sunday