The Mighty Colorado River – Emerald Cove, AZ

After a fun night out on the town and exploring Las Vegas, we woke up to a new task, to find Emerald Cove on the mighty Colorado River. On the drive there, it took us right by the Hoover Dam, which if you haven’t been, it is quite awe-inspiring! The road opens up and paints beautiful high desert scenes. In the end, we found Emerald … Continue reading The Mighty Colorado River – Emerald Cove, AZ

Work Trips – Exploring Beyond the Business

Having a position that requires travel can sometimes get you into a spin of the office environment, board rooms, and hotels. A constant reminder that you are not home, not able to have your typical cup of Joe, have your Netflix account programmed into your Smart TV, or even the car you typically drive. Although it can be daunting from time to time, exploration and … Continue reading Work Trips – Exploring Beyond the Business

Meet the Explorer: Neil Hershman

Meet the Explorer: Neil Hershman:

Hey, I’m Neil Hershman. I’m originally from the suburbs of New York, but now live in the middle of Manhattan. I grew up playing the standard fair of sports, but around age 20 I discovered my next passion project – endurance sports. Continue reading Meet the Explorer: Neil Hershman

Meet The Explorer: Jordanov Zheko

PHOTOGRAPHER | NATURE | TRAVEL Jordan and I have been communicating back and fourth for the last several months. His travels, camera skills and love for adventure have always been encouraging to me get out there and fully live my life. I was excited to read through his responses and get a better understanding of what makes Jordan truly tick. I hope you enjoy the … Continue reading Meet The Explorer: Jordanov Zheko

Define: Adventure

The meaning is individualized, make it your own.

After talking with my friend and mentor Jeremy earlier this week, we discussed many things…but the idea of adventure being personalized and meaning different things to different people came up. We exchanged ideas and examples and I felt like I should share, maybe it will serve as a catalyst to get someone to get out on their first adventure in years. Continue reading Define: Adventure

Top 5: The Western U.S. Adventure Hubs

Adventure is just around the corner from these U.S. cities These cities are surrounded by wildlife, incredible vistas, and provide plenty of outdoor activities…yes, including breweries! These are in no particular order, but when I think of Western travel in the United States they stick out as exploration centers of excellence. Billings, MT In the heartbeat of Montana, this city hosts so many things to … Continue reading Top 5: The Western U.S. Adventure Hubs