Meet the Explorer: Jeremy Jensen

Skier | Podcaster | Entrepreneur If I look back in my electronic records (Instagram DMs), I can see that Jeremy and I met just about a year ago, August 2018. I was intrigued by his profile content, a mix of business and adventure. I wanted to see what he was up to and we hopped on a phone call. After the call my eyes opened … Continue reading Meet the Explorer: Jeremy Jensen

Define: Adventure

The meaning is individualized, make it your own.

After talking with my friend and mentor Jeremy earlier this week, we discussed many things…but the idea of adventure being personalized and meaning different things to different people came up. We exchanged ideas and examples and I felt like I should share, maybe it will serve as a catalyst to get someone to get out on their first adventure in years. Continue reading Define: Adventure

Meet the Explorer: Nick Joyce

Filmmaker | Photographer | Pasta Lover | Do more than just exist This friendship started after I saw a video on Instagram posing the question ‘When was the last time you did something for the first time?’ The great music, narration and notion of pushing yourself to new levels and experiencing life to the fullest really drew me in. I was hooked and wanted more of … Continue reading Meet the Explorer: Nick Joyce

Top 5: The Western U.S. Adventure Hubs

Adventure is just around the corner from these U.S. cities These cities are surrounded by wildlife, incredible vistas, and provide plenty of outdoor activities…yes, including breweries! These are in no particular order, but when I think of Western travel in the United States they stick out as exploration centers of excellence. Billings, MT In the heartbeat of Montana, this city hosts so many things to … Continue reading Top 5: The Western U.S. Adventure Hubs

Meet the Explorer: Luke Pearsall

Travel | Outdoor | Lifestyle  Ranz Navvaro has been an awesome resource to meet new explorers and friends. He suggested I reach out to Luke a few weeks back and I am so happy I did. The content and travel knowledge Luke possesses is incredible, his photography skills are outstanding, and his thoughts about the outdoors and conservation as a whole are thought provoking. His … Continue reading Meet the Explorer: Luke Pearsall