Top 5: The Western U.S. Adventure Hubs

Adventure is just around the corner from these U.S. cities These cities are surrounded by wildlife, incredible vistas, and provide plenty of outdoor activities…yes, including breweries! These are in no particular order, but when I think of Western travel in the United States they stick out as exploration centers of excellence. Billings, MT In the heartbeat of Montana, this city hosts so many things to … Continue reading Top 5: The Western U.S. Adventure Hubs

Meet the Explorer: Luke Pearsall

Travel | Outdoor | Lifestyle  Ranz Navvaro has been an awesome resource to meet new explorers and friends. He suggested I reach out to Luke a few weeks back and I am so happy I did. The content and travel knowledge Luke possesses is incredible, his photography skills are outstanding, and his thoughts about the outdoors and conservation as a whole are thought provoking. His … Continue reading Meet the Explorer: Luke Pearsall

Meet the Explorer: Kurt Kowalski

Adventurer. Lover of Dogs. Good Time Haver. While attending college at West Virginia University, I had a new group of neighbors move in my sophomore year. I had my doubts about this rowdy group at first, but after just a couple weeks we became great friends. We would talk about exploring, go hiking, take Spring Break trips out West…anything to satisfy our hunger for adventure. … Continue reading Meet the Explorer: Kurt Kowalski

Meet the Explorer: Sean Walther

I met Sean through my younger brother Zane, and also while out and about in the community. He was raised in a town that borders my hometown to the North. I was always interested in the free way he went about and his stories of exploration and adventure. As my brother and his group of friends are growing up, exploring and travel started to become … Continue reading Meet the Explorer: Sean Walther

West Virginia: 5 Breathtaking Destinations

Wild and Wonderful Being raised in West Virginia has allowed me the opportunity to experience nature in such a pure and untouched manner. The hills and mountains surrounding nearly every mile of the Mountain State make it such a unique place to live, work, and play. It provides challenges, peace, and boasts some of the most incredible flora and fauna in the world. I hope … Continue reading West Virginia: 5 Breathtaking Destinations

Travel the USA: 10 Great Destinations

Possibilities are Endless In this quick post, I would like to outline a list of ten notable locations to visit if you love the wild lands and views that the USA has to offer. If you have never visited the United States, I highly recommend it as you can see every climate and vastly different landscapes. This will be from my viewpoint and appear in … Continue reading Travel the USA: 10 Great Destinations

Chena Hot Springs, Alaska

RIP Hot Water…You Will be Mist Our Visit From Fairbanks it is only a short hour drive. The smooth roads take you out scenic curves with a ton of recreational areas and trailheads along the way. As you parallel the White Mountains, the road eventually dead ends, and there we were, Chena Hot Springs Resort! Overall, we found this place to be extremely interesting, although … Continue reading Chena Hot Springs, Alaska

Meet the Explorer: Chris Burns

#seeknewhorizons I am thoroughly impressed by the content Chris blesses us with on our feeds. He is based in Whistler, Canada and hits the slopes, trails, and craves adventure on the daily. Check out the Van Build highlight on his Instagram profile. Take it away, Chris! What do you do for a living, how did you end up in that field? I currently work as … Continue reading Meet the Explorer: Chris Burns

Seward, Alaska

Alaska Starts Here!® A Word from the city itself! City Profile Seward, pronounced “Soo-word,” is situated at the head of Resurrection Bay on the Kenai Peninsula. It is surrounded by majestic snow-capped mountains which are blanketed with lush green vegetation, trees and alpine wild flowers.  Footrace famous Mt. Marathon is the western backdrop of Seward with Harding Ice field lined along the back extending to … Continue reading Seward, Alaska

Meet the Explorer: Nathan Lee Allen

Choose Adventure. For awhile now, I have been following Nathan’s adventures and the great content he posts on Instagram. I am always pumped to see the amazing detail he showcases in his photography and videography. Recently, I reached out to see if he would be interested in an interview, allowing me to pick his brain about the outdoors, conservation, and truly living life to the … Continue reading Meet the Explorer: Nathan Lee Allen